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     Our sailing courses  

Our sailing lessons may be held either during entire week charters, or during three weekends, or during long navigation charters (also during the Atlantic Ocean Crossing). Days with plenty of daylight, mid-seasons' changeabe sea and weather conditions and long navigation charters are the best occasions in which to learn or to improve the art of sailing. Here follows information on our courses in detail.

Eugenio, dressed in sailing outfit, at the helm of his sailing boat

    Beginner's sailing course

  • Sailing theory, nomenclature, parts of the sailing-boat
  • Point of sailing, speed, sails, sail adjustment
  • Reduction of the sails, reefs, chill wind sailing
  • Courses, bearing, position, driftage, leeway
  • Engine, boarding equipment, most frequent problems
  • Weather forecast with observation of clouds and barometer
  • Weather forecast sources: how to listen to and read them
  • Mooring, docking and open berth
  • How to recognize beacons and lights
  • Precedences: how to avoid trouble with ships and fishing boats, etc.
  • Navigation practice, helm, manoeuvring

Paola, dressed in sailing outfit, on her sailing boat, is smiling

     Deep sea sailing course

      All topics present in the beginner's course are discussed in more detail and the following topics are also developed:

  • Applied meteorology
  • Orientation with the sun and the moon, an outline on use of sextant, use of gps
  • Salvage and rescue operations
  • Safety on board and problems during long navigations
  • Storeroom, stowage, boat steadiness
  • Captain's rights and duties and how to deal with the crew
  • Manoeuvring without the use of engines
  • Night navigation
  • Bad weather navigation
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