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Paola Brocca


I was born in Mestre, Venice, on the 3rd of January, 1966.

My first experience on a sailing boat took place in 1994. This is what happened during a day in which we visited some of Eugenio's friends on their sailing boat:
“My name is Paola, pleased to meet you”
“Pleased to meet you too, my name is Walter”
“Hi, I'm Piero”
“I'm Marcella, pleased to meet you”. Marcella was spreading some oil on the teak deck of the boat called “Elisir” - a lovely 50 feet wooden sailing boat.
“May I give you a hand?” I asked her
“Yes, of course. You can pick a few brushes over there, if you wish.” she answered. So that was the first time I got on a sailing boat, under a hot summer afternoon sun .

After spending my first holiday on a sailing boat I decided to study sailing closely. I began to attend sailing courses, at first for beginners, then for advanced levels, after which I carried out my first sailing races. I started to choose sailing for all my journeys and holidays, and seized the opportunity to share this experience with our friends, drawing them in our charter sailing holidays. Eugenio, the skipper, trained the crew, while I was the trip organizer, coordinator and storekeeper. That very day in which that friend of ours asked us to take care of his boat, that lovely 50 feet sailing jewel, an idea started coming across our minds: we began to imagine that one day, maybe......

Well, that thought gradually grew in our minds, as we approached the year 1998: “Morgan” became our sailing boat in which we carried out sailing school and sailing vacation cruises, leading our guests along the Mediterranean Sea during summer. During winter we worked in order to prepare Morgan for the next season. In 2004 that idea which thrilled our minds, that dream of ours came true: our passion for sailing became our full-time job! Well, as a matter of fact, all I did was change....a consonant! What do I mean? Let me explain: during the years before I began to work in sailing boat holidays, I used to work as a bank employee. To say “bank” in italian we say“banca”, while to say “boat” we say “barca” I just substituted the letter “n” with the letter “r”. Easy, isn't it??!!?

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