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F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions)

Here are some answers to most frequent questions. For any other further information, please do not hesitate to call our information and booking office at (+39) 0584 22088 or at (+39) 335 6493 405, which will be at your complete disposal.

Which kind of suitcase is most appropriate for a sailing holiday?

It is light-weight, easy to carry, not voluminous and, above all, made of soft material (not stiff). For example, a rucksack or a canvas bag.

What should I pack in my suitcase?
Well, the enthusiasm we feel looking forward for our departure may bring us to....pack all we have and take it away with us! However, during our sailing holidays our practical sense must come first. We must consider that the space in which we will put our things (and our suitcases) inside the boat is limited, though well designed. This means that some of the things we would like to take with us on holiday could prove to be bulky, and maybe unnecessary (how many times did we take lots of things on vacation with us, without using or wearing them at all?). Moreover, during our trip we might want to buy souvenirs in the lovely places we will visit, which will add volume to our things. Besides, a light-weight and easy to put away suitcase is much more comfortable during airport transits. This is why, as you may understand, restricting the amount of things to pack up is very important for your comfort and wellness. As examples, here are some suggestions:

  1. you should have a sun barrier cream
  2. do not take a large quantity of clothing items with you
  3. choose casual and comfortable clothing items (relax...on a sailing boat elegant jackets and ties are not necessary!)
  4. don't forget a pair of sunglasses and a hat
  5. in deep sea sailing you must have a pair of boots and a raincoat
  6. take a small quantity of shoes with you (but please keep in mind that one pair will have to be used only on the boat)

Will towels and bedlinen be supplied on board?
We will supply pillows, bed linen and blankets. We will not supply towels.

Who cooks on board?

Well, if some of our guests wish to feel the emotion of cooking in open sea...they are welcome to do so! But if no one wants to cook, then I, Paola, will have the pleasure of being your chef. I will cook gourmet specialities for you. Just imagine....while you relax among enchanting nature, surrounded by the sea's aroma...a delicious delicate smell of tomato sauce begins to tickle your nose...all you have to do is taste and....”buon appetito!”

How is food provided on board?
We will take care about "storeroom" supplies and its stowage on board. We may also accomplish your requests with regards to particular food (for example, in case of allergy problems or vegetarian food), as much as possible and as far as available in the countries we visit. Please let us know your requests at booking time.

Can I enjoy my sailing holidays on your boat without taking sailing lessons?

Of course! During our sailing cruises sailing lessons are given only to those who want to take them. Therefore, you may relax in an atmosphere of friendship and fun, and choose whether to take lessons or not. The purpose of our sailing lessons is to give you the oppurtunity to learn how to sail during your holiday, but only if you ask for it.

Can I book my sailing vacation with you even though I have no sailing experience?
Yes, of course, everbody is welcome. You will have a good time and carry out a new emotional experience, make new friends and, if you wish, you may also take sailing lessons. Our information and booking office is at your complete disposal to listen to your requests and to suggest which ones, among our charters, may most suit your needs.

What about those who already know how to sail and already have sailing experience?
Those of you who already know how to sail will have the chance to study sailing skills in depth and in more detail. We suggest you to consider our deep sea sailing charters and our thrilling Atlantic Ocean Crossing charter. Our information and booking office is at your complete disposal and will be glad to suggest the charters which most meet your requests.

During the Atlantic Ocean Crossing which role will I have to play as member of the crew?
Anyone who takes part in the Atlantic Ocean Crossing is a member of the crew who has chosen to carry out this extraordinary sailing experience. Each one will have to accomplish turnovers at the helm, day and night. Besides, each member will have to rest during time-off, wash dishes and tidy up the kitchen when it will be his/her turn to do so. It will be a strong, emotional, complete experience, under Captain Eugenio's guide!

What does “individual embarkation formula” mean?
It means that you don't need to form a group before you book, as it usually happens in sailing charters. If you are by yourself you may phone us and book your holiday independently. In this way, you will spend your sailing cruise together with all the other persons who booked their sailing vacations on our boat in your same period. Well, you may of course join us even if you form a couple, or a group. This flexible booking possibility may allow you to spend your vacation with your old friends and/or make new friends! And friendship is something which we firmly believe in and care for.

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