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Eugenio Favero


I was born in the province of Venice on the 9th of October, 1958. When I was a child, during moutain hikes, I repeatedly used to ask my father if ho could bring some woods home so that we could build a boat.

The sea's voice led me to my first boat experience: I sailed along the Venetian lagoon and in the northern part of the Mediterranean Sea, from Trieste to Dubrovnik, on a rubber dinghy. As time passed, I began to feel the need of a stronger contact with the sea, so I began to take my first sailing lessons and carried out my first centreboarder sailing races. I then took part in “one-type” sailing races at Garda Lake with a J24, then I moved to deep sea sailing along the Adriatic, the Ionian, the Tirrenian and the Aegean seas. I began to cross the Atlantic Ocean from east to west and from west to east, and I carried out my first experience as second skipper on 60-70 feet sailing boats. In 1995 I subscribed to “Gente di Mare”, 1st category, and I achieved a qualification as a “pleasure charter boat conductor”. Moreover, I attended the C.O.N.I. course to become an instructor for youth sailing categories. During two whole seasons of sailing races I shared property and management of a 9 meter long sailing boat with other 10 persons. After that, a friend of mine asked me to take care of a 50 feet long sailing boat. That was the moment in which my experience as a skipper-captain started. As an instructor I held sailing race and deep sea sailing courses with cabin cruisers, whilst as a skipper I carried out holiday cruises sailing along the Adriatic and the Ionian seas.

I also started cooperating as a rigger with Ivan Bertoldo's “Tecnosailing”, a firm who designs and sets up deck equipment on sailing boats. Through this experience I had the chance to visit the best ship-building yards regularly and to meet the most important sailing boat designers. In 1998 I purchased my first boat, called “Morgan”: a Beneteau First 456, designed by German Frers. With “Morgan” I carried out sailing school cruises, vacation cruises and deep sea navigation, sailing along the most important places in the Mediterranean Sea. With Morgan I took part in three editions of “Vela Ragazzi” - one-week-long theory and practice sailing courses for high-school students.

After spending six winter seasons preparing Morgan's cabins and decks, from June 2004 I finally started dedicating all my time and attention to my sailing boat charter activity, sharing all my passion for sea-life-style and sailing with all the people who wanted to join me to spend holidays....or I should rather say, to carry out a sailing experience with me. The starting point was Caorle (Venice), heading towards Croatia, Greece, Sicily, Sardinia, the Balear Islands, Gibraltar, the Canary Islands and at last...the Atlantic Ocean Crossing, finally reaching Martinique in the Caribbean Sea.

From 2004 to 2006 I sailed along the Caribbean Sea: Venezuela, in the Los Roques archipelago, until the British Virgin Islands. In 2006, we crossed the Atlantic Ocean once again, starting from St. Martin, heading towards the Azores Islands and Gibraltar, to finally reach the Mediterranean Sea and Sardinia where we sailed during the summer season.

In 2007 I replaced “Morgan” with another boat: “Penelope 1”, a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 51, designed by Bruce Farr. After spending two winter seasons preparing and equipping Penelope, and after a season spent in Greece, in summer of 2008 we finally left for the Caribbean Sea, with the strong wish of sharing our passion for this sea-life-style with all our guests. And to give them the opportunity to feel all the emotions that one can only feel among the waves, during nights spent in quiet bays, under starlight in open sea, listening to the silence and the wind's words which are part of this unique, thrilling experience.

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